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30 Jun 2017

Why A Business Owner Policy Is Important


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Posted By Cecilia R.

Many owners of small and medium size business are not sure if it is necessary to contract insurance or not. A standard business owner policy covers the property against damages caused by fire, climate, robbery, etc; civil responsibility (in case of injuries caused to third parties at the business or for the use of it); interruption of business; and in some cases, compensation for workers. The characteristics of each insurance is different, therefore, the interested party should include in his policy all the components that his business will require, and will need to specify them with detail at the front of the policy. If this is not done, they will not have the right to claim for something that is not included.

Some facts that should be taken into account are the time to select an insurance or to choose a type of policy and an amount adjusted to the exclusive situation. It is good to gather information from many companies in order to determine a reasonable and competitive price that will suit the needs, it is helpful to use an insurance with large coverage in order to assure the actives adequately. Besides, a simple action like reading and understanding the policy before signing it would help to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings. The policyholder should clear up all of his doubts, because once the contract is signed there is no possibility of changing what it states. Also, another useful advice is to try to avoid duplication of the policy.

An advantage for the enterprises is the possibility to combine both the property and the civil responsibility coverage in one - business owners insurance policy, which will allow their business to obtain an extensive coverage with attainable premiums. Generally, this kind of insurance is the first step for the small and medium size business that want to obtain coverage of property and of basic responsibility, and it is a complete and affordable package.

Some specific regulations in order to qualify for the policies of business owners insurance includes that a company should have a maximum of one hundred employees and the annual income of the same should not be higher than one million dollars. This insurance will typically provide the reimbursement for the losses for about a year. It is possible that some businesses find the limits of coverage are not very low, or they do not like the lack of flexibility of options like the coinsurance. However, the flexibility missing at the business owners policy is compensated with lower premiums for its business.


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